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Greater Hartford Irish Music Festival

After thirty-one years, the Greater Hartford Irish Music Festival is cancelled for 2015. What began as a small event on the grounds of our club in Glastonbury; grew steadily into an event that attracted over 25,000 folks from far and wide who came to enjoy the Largest Irish Music Festival in New England. But the times are changing and in recent years we have experienced a steady decline in attendance, like many similar Irish festivals have also experienced. After countless hours spent in research and discussion, the Board of Directors reached the unanimous decision to cancel the festival. The risks far outweighed the benefits. This event took hundreds of hours to plan and countless hours for set up and clean up…not to mention the hundreds of volunteers it took to run the event over the three days it was held. This was one of the premier Irish festivals in the Northeast. It was an extremely well run event and we received many kudos from some of the best Irish musicians in the world. We are extremely proud of the event we produced over the past thirty-one years and will treasure the memories for years to come.

Maureen Kennedy
Irish American Home Society, Inc.


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